"Hi KB Skin Team, 
There are encompassing procedures that help redefined the whole me. I've always wished for a fairer complexion. Not that I don't adore tan-skinned babes, it's just that for me the whiter you are the more georgeous you become. A flawless, even and bright skin tone gives you a youthful and vibrant appearance. Yes I'm a straight guy and I'm not ashamed (as a matter of fact, proud) to tell the world I'm a user of KB Skin whitening products. For me, having a fairer complexion also means that people around you presumes that you are handling yourself well. 

More power to you KB Skin, may you have continuous success. Thank you and have a nice day."

- Jomel Mabale

"Guys!!! I encourage you to purchase this product, this is such a good one. This makes me feel better all the time... I let youkknow this for everyone to choose the right product...."
--"Actually my mum and i are both taking KB... My mum is just also happy for the result... - Tenten
" that was year 2007 and after is year 2010, when i started using KB" - Anne

"at First, I was hesitant to use this products.. maybe this could be one of those fake products in the market.. but I heard lots of positive feedbacks. to my curiosity I tried the trial pack I bought 2 trial packs.. and boom! I was amazed really. imagine 18 days pa lang it worked.. kita naman diba? my salute to kb. more power and still continue to make the product boom out the market. thank you so much " - Ms Cargelyn

"Hi! I'm Princess Celmea Aspuria and what I could say is I LOVE KB! It whitens fast and it really brings out the best in me! Because of it's whitening effect on me, it had also increased my self-esteem, and now I feel more confident that ever! I'm reguarly taking the KB Food Supplement and I must say that it has really made my skin fairer and glowing. I just take it 15 minutes before meal and it has drastically improved my skin complexion. It does not only whitens, but it also comes with vitamin C rosehips which keeps me healthy! Thank you KB! <3" - Ms Princess Calmea

"I've just finished my 1st set of KB Gluta+NAC+Rosehips and I'm with my 2nd set now. I'm also using KB Gold Premium Glutathione soap. I am very happy with the results and my friends have all complimented me on my clearer and so much lighter skin. It has also improved my health, in that I am no longer sickly, it's both good for the skin and for general health. Thank you so much KB. Very effective and no side effect/s! I really and truly love KB and loving it more & more each day." - Jhe

"my before and after pic
-‎3months" - Mia

i’v tried diff. kind of expensive glutathi0ne b4 but they didn’t work for me so i stopped buying coz i realized dat im just wasting my money but then again when im at work and while reading tabloid i saw a small part advertising kb den wen i saw d price woah!it’s so cheap it’s only 750or 850 b4,bt i did not bought immdiately,coz i doubted d product efficacy until i saw it on tv(showtime i guess)dats d tym i bought my 1st kb,i bought it at de oro at metro town mall,i said 2 myself iv tried diff. glutathione so y not try ds one,ders no harm in trying ryt?,it amazed me so much aftr i finishd d 2bottle i noticed dat my skin bcame 1tone lighter,smoother and pimples has no room for me!.dats y i dcided 2 continue patronizing kb 4 3mos! den aftr dat i stopped taking kb bcoz im always at field already,im always exposed to sunlight so i dcided to stop,bt now im not exposed to sunlight anymore so i wil continue to take kb again,ilove kb so much!more power to u kb,try kb everyone and u wil nvr regret!.promise

"Hi KB Glutathione, I would like to share my photos, after using KB glutathione for 3 months, I became fairer and my skin got smoother than ever. I super love KB glutathione, such an amazing product !" - Pinky

" ♥♥that's why i love KB♥♥" - Princess
Testi KB - Agisha Halim "Sis ini aku yg pernah mesen waktu itu aku mau ngasi tau ni 2 minggu kulitku cerahan lho belang tanktop nya jd lebih merata lho... Temen2ku jd pgn order sama aku. Aku jd pgn jualan jg mbak." - Agisha Halim